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I am a Bangalore based advertising photographer specialising in food & Beverage, interior, product, Jewellery, Liquids, Cinemagraphs & People Photography.

I'm one lucky guy. The kind who makes a living doing exactly what he likes best & I’ve been going at it successfully for the past over two decades and have a passion for more. My images are regularly used by major brands, for advertising, packaging, annual reports and corporate projects.

From my end I bring relentless creativity and enthusiasm in my work, even as I strive to consistently exceed the client's expectation. My passion for solving problems and willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional quality has helped me build a loyal clientele.

I believe that the personality of the photographer, his vision and way of interpreting the world must come through in every photograph. We all have our own way of looking at reality, which produces a different synthesis of every situation. The interpretation of reality depends on our sensitivity, our personal experience, and our cultural background. Technical skills are merely the instruments we use to express this perception, to synthesize our stance in a click.

The ability to produce a meaningful photograph is the result of an intimate experience. We cannot transmit emotions if we cannot experience them first. I have plenty of experience to draw from, but I'm happy to try the unexpected. Each situation demands its own solution.

All in all, I do what I love and love what I do!